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The Legacy Continues – Introducing the Jockey® Boys Collection

Jockey has become a household name and  is trusted by men from all over the world for its comfortable, high-quality products. The legacy continues  as Jockey  has  extended its collection to include underwear for boys.  The Jockey Boys' classic t-shirt  has the perfect for that relaxed style fit which boys are becoming accustomed to these days. Thanks in large part to its super soft, breathable single jersey cotton material, these t-shirts provide the ultimate in comfort. The relaxed fit and crew neck styling also make them  fashionable enough to be worn both as an undershirt or a casual t-shirt.   Jockey’s emphasis on comfort and style extends to more than casual underwear; they have also developed an athletic shirt that...

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Jockey® launches 'Show You're Jockey' Campaign

Since 1935, when Jockey® invented the first ever men’s Y-Front® briefs, the global brand has enjoyed a rich history of innovation.  Not only was Jockey the first to design a brief for men, it was also the first to use a branded waistband on its products.  This branding signified genuine Jockey® quality and set the stage for Jockey® fans around the globe to wear their favorite underwear with pride.  Since then Jockey has been an sort of a “generic” name for briefs (just like Xerox….. for photocopy) because if you say Jockey, it means briefs. This is the concept behind the new brand message ‘Show You’re Jockey’ which rolls out across Europe as well as many other Jockey international markets. ...

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Jockey® Bares Pants-Dropping New Campaign

Jockey was one of those brands back in the '80s that quickly became a household name. In fact, the name "Jockey" became synonymous with "underwear" as much as "Colgate" and "Eveready" became synonymous with "toothpaste" and "battery," respectively. During the '90s, Jockey became known locally for their "Jockey for Her" campaign, complete with ads, a jingle, and the tagline "Who's wearing Jockey now?"What most people don't know is that Jockey started in 1935--the brand is 136 years old. It was the first to invent the Y-front brief and to bring the then-touchy subject of underwear into the mainstream. From innovation to quality, Jockey adapts to the changing times by continually coming up with new ways for men and women to wear their underwear.Recently, Senior Brand Manager...

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No Panty Line Promise®, Skimmies and More Products of Show You're Jockey® Campaign

You want to flaunt your undies when you're wearing Jockey.  It was fun attending the media launch of Show You're Jockey campaign at the Society Lounge Makati seeing all the new colors and varieties of the brand we have loved all these years. Jockey invented the first ever men's Y-Front briefs, recognized all over the world also for being the first to use a branded waistband on its products. It's the class for its quality and durability that men I've known take pride in flaunting their Jockeys. I was surprised to have seen new products for the ladies like their "No Panty Line Promise" women's underwear. While looking at the boxer shorts and the panties, I remembered how friends a month ago in El Nido Palawan talked about the...

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Are You Ready to Show You're Jockey?

Ever noticed guys with low-riding jeans deliberately showing their briefs’ waistband? Not the peeking type? Well, Jockey is. And they’ve turned this into a campaign. Jockey, inventor of the men’s Y-Front briefs and the first to use a branded waistband, launched their “Show You’re Jockey” campaign last Wednesday, May 15 at the Society Lounge in Makati City. The worldwide campaign will feature men and women of different nationalities revealing their Jockey underwear. The campaign is a modern interpretation of the 1990s “Let ‘Em Know You’re Jockey” campaign, where celebrities had their pants in their ankles, confidently displaying their Jockeys. “Show You’re Jockey” ads are posed to come out soon, for sure, as the campaign goes full-scale. There will also be...

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