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The process of making underwear

The process of making underwear

With the introduction of modern technology and machinery, the production method of underwear has evolved, it is made in a step by step process that kicks off by first designing your underwear using software or just raw imagination after which knitting of the chosen fabric takes place, afterwards, the fabric is dyed and dried before it gets sent off to the manufacturing unit where the process continues as follows:

  • Different sizes of underwear are cut out from each of the fabric panels with the use of industrial fabric cutters.
  • High-quality elastic waistbands are crafted and knitted meanwhile for maximum longevity and endurance.
  • The panels are stitched together which is generally done by hand for maximum precision and comfort.
  • The underwear is stitched to the waistband with the help of a sewing machine.
  • Patterns or designs are printed onto the underwear with the help of fabric printers.
  • The underwear is tagged and branded before it is finally ready to be shipped out to customers and sellers.
Although the manufacturing sequence may vary from producer to producer, the above-mentioned are the bare bone basic steps involved in the modern production of underwear.
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