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Pure Cotton vs Cotton Blend- What’s the Difference?

Pure Cotton vs Cotton Blend- What’s the Difference?

As the name suggests, pure cotton is composed of only pure cotton fibers whereas, the cotton blend contains pure cotton mixed and combined with other synthetic materials such as polyester, linen, etc. in varying proportions. This also makes them have differences in their properties as follows:

Pure cotton is made from 100% organic fibers whereas cotton blends tend to be a mixture of synthetic and organic fibers.
• Pure cotton fabrics tend to be very prone to wrinkles whereas their cotton blend counterparts give you a relatively easier time with wrinkles being more resilient to them.
• Cotton is known for its soft and light feel and it is undoubtedly not an understatement, the introduction of cotton blend however has taken that a step further by adding further lightness and softness to the already feather-like fabric.
• Where pure cotton is light and breathable, however, its cotton blend counterparts are much more durable in comparison from a perspective of general wear and tear. 
• The price of cotton is a lot higher than that of polyester, meaning that producers are encouraged to use blends of both fabrics to achieve the cost of polyester with the feel of cotton meaning better prices for customers and lower costs for producers.
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