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The Comfort of Wearing Skimmies Slip Shorts

The Comfort of Wearing Skimmies Slip Shorts

First, what is Skimmies? It is a skin-tight legwear designed to provide maximum comfort while doing physical activities. It is a unique product of Jockey that is similar to what we call cycling or biker shorts.   The only difference is that this one doesn’t have padding.  It can be considered as your everyday go-to fashion shorts or sporty activewear.

The flexibility of this short has impressed lots of Jockey patrons. It is available in black and skin tone colors.  It is perfect to pair with any top may it be gym wear or casual wear. You can choose to pair it with a sports bra, camisole with a jacket, or plain shirt.

It is perfect for runs, aerobics, cycling class, and other strenuous workouts. It can also serve as innerwear that won’t bulk you up or stick to your pants. These non-slip shorts are great for those who are on the move but they’re also comfortable enough to wear at home.

These are made from quality fabrics that make them breathable, soft, and long-lasting.  These are proven seamless with non-shrinkage feature. You'll be impressed as it provides more coverage even without being too tight.

Jockey has continued to provide more products to delight customers through its quality and design. Check out to see more featured items.


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