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Why are panties called panties?

Why are panties called panties?

Why are panties called panties?

Though generally t-shirt bras are the most popular kind and ever wondered why men’s underwear is called underwear but women’s underwear is called panties? Well, we’re here to curb that curiosity. Let’s go over the history of the word panties.

Panties is a diminutive of the word pantaloon, or pants. It demonstrates that its root origin comes from pants, but it’s a smaller version of them such as those for women or children. It also sounds much more feminine, which is the reason why the word gained so much popularity over the centuries to become a word solely used to describe women’s underwear.

The history of panties goes way back. At the end of the 18th century, women started to wear undergarments that were called drawers. During the 19th century, the drawers still came down to below their knees. The reason they’re called a pair of panties even today is that they used to be a literal pair of two legs that joined together in the middle!

The first use of the word panties was recorded in 1908. People started calling drawers panties in the 20th century more and more; by the 1930s it became the most widespread word used because it sounded much more feminine so quickly gained popularity.

Over time, panties became shorter and shorter. They ended above the knees by the 1920s, and by the 1950s they became even shorter. Thongs were introduced in 1981 in the USA and they quickly became very popular. Boy shorts came out late in the 21st century!

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