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Why are T-shirt sleeves wide

Why are T-shirt sleeves wide

Different brands have different size guides as well as styles. Many times you may notice that your t-shirt sleeves are quite wide and they may even flare out in a triangular shape.

Why does this happen and is it normal?

The first reason may simply be the brand you wear. Some brands tend to make t-shirt sleeves that are much smaller than average. It results in giving a smarter look, especially for those with skinnier arms, but for the rest of us, it may give a tight fit with a restrictive feeling when moving the arms. For bigger arms, it's best to seek out brands that make wider t-shirt sleeves because they can provide a much more comfortable fit which allows free movement and flexing of the arms.

Another reason for your t-shirt sleeve feeling too wide, despite having a standard-sized t-shirt, is that your arms may not be wide enough to fill out the t-shirt properly. For those who cannot size down because the rest of the shirt will come up too small, it’s a good idea to check out the big and tall stores as they specifically make shirt sizes tailored to different body types such as thin and tall.

Another reason for t-shirt sleeves being wide is that t-shirts are generally casual wear, and especially great for summers, so they should provide good ventilation to your body. The roomier the better!

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