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Why Holes Form in Your Underwear

Why Holes Form in Your Underwear

There can be many reasons as to why you see holes in your underwear after some time has passed by no matter how much you take care of it. The reasons for holes can range anywhere from physical stress to chemical reasons.

Modern underwear is not made like it was back in the day, as fashion calls for thinner fabric by the day. This is one of the reasons you see holes form in your underwear over time. The fabric just isn’t as thick as it should be.

Friction can cause holes in clothes, including underwear. Your underwear is constantly rubbing against your jeans when you walk and is rubbed when you sit down. It is also stretching out from moving about and bending over which can cause the fabric to fray over a relatively short amount of time as compared to other clothes.

Another big reason for holes in underwear is the cleaning process it goes through. Underwear is generally changed and washed a lot more often than normal clothes, as it is not re-worn like a bra or pair of jeans may be. The detergents, washing, drying can all start to weaken the fibers of even high-quality underwear.

Though washing can weaken the fabric, not washing often can also cause weakening as sweat and other body fluids can cause the fabric to disintegrate faster. As a general rule, underwear should be replaced every few months anyway as if it has an expiry date which will vary from user to user.

Ways to prevent holes in your underwear:

  • Wash after a single day’s use to prevent overexposure to bodily fluids
  • Wash using a plant-based detergent which is gentle to cotton fabric
  • Avoid washing with bleach
  • Buy thick cotton underwear and avoid thin material
  • It’s recommended to buy new underwear every three months or so

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