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Jockey® Bares Pants-Dropping New Campaign

Jockey® Bares Pants-Dropping New Campaign

Jockey was one of those brands back in the '80s that quickly became a household name. In fact, the name "Jockey" became synonymous with "underwear" as much as "Colgate" and "Eveready" became synonymous with "toothpaste" and "battery," respectively. During the '90s, Jockey became known locally for their "Jockey for Her" campaign, complete with ads, a jingle, and the tagline "Who's wearing Jockey now?"

What most people don't know is that Jockey started in 1935--the brand is 136 years old. It was the first to invent the Y-front brief and to bring the then-touchy subject of underwear into the mainstream. From innovation to quality, Jockey adapts to the changing times by continually coming up with new ways for men and women to wear their underwear.

Recently, Senior Brand Manager Enrique Cardenal, along with Jockey Philippines' Vice President Nikh Genomal and Advertising & Promotions Manager Claudine Lee-del Rosario joined their team in unveiling "Show You're Jockey," the brand's newest campaign. From the branded waistband reveal to all-out dropping of pants, Jockey aims to bring to the market a positive, upbeat, and proud vibe for fans of the brand. Jockey has been known for pushing the boundaries of their campaigns, and Show You're Jockey is no exception. The campaign has already launched in other countries, even in predominantly conservative ones, with very positive results, a sign that people understand the spirit of the brand beyond visuals.

Aside from the brand campaign launch, Jockey also unveiled new products that will be out in the market. The Jockey Sport line gets a tech upgrade with SilverPlus Technology, a new type of fiber that inhibits the formation of odor-causing bacteria. Mesh fabric was also integrated into the design of this new line to ensure that the skin breathes and is kept cool and dry. This new line from Jockey Sport clearly shows the brand's dedication to quality and innovation without losing the comfortable and fun vibe Jockey has built over the years.

For women, Jockey also made new upgrades to their No Panty Line Promise, Skimmies, and Shapewear lines, featuring new designs and silicone ribbon inseams to make sure nothing rides up and ruins a lady's silhouette.

The "Show Your Jockey" campaign has already started in several key malls in and out of Metro Manila, with more malls to be tapped in the coming months. There are contests over at their Facebook page as well so anyone can show off their Jockey and win prizes.

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