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Jockey® launches 'Show You're Jockey' Campaign

Jockey® launches 'Show You're Jockey' Campaign

Since 1935, when Jockey® invented the first ever men’s Y-Front® briefs, the global brand has enjoyed a rich history of innovation.  Not only was Jockey the first to design a brief for men, it was also the first to use a branded waistband on its products.  This branding signified genuine Jockey® quality and set the stage for Jockey® fans around the globe to wear their favorite underwear with pride.  Since then Jockey has been an sort of a “generic” name for briefs (just like Xerox….. for photocopy) because if you say Jockey, it means briefs.

This is the concept behind the new brand message ‘Show You’re Jockey’ which rolls out across Europe as well as many other Jockey international markets.  ‘Show You’re Jockey’ will come alive through an advertising campaign incorporating online activity, print ads and billboards showing a variety of men and women from different nationalities confidently revealing their Jockey underwear.

‘Show You’re Jockey’ is seen as a modern interpretation of the successful Jockey campaign from the 1990’s, ‘Let ‘Em Know You’re Jockey’.  The legendary campaign appeared at landmark sites like Time Square, and showed groups of people such as opera stars, doctors, snowboarders, firefighters and athletes, all with their pants around their ankles proudly displaying their Jockey underwear.  Not surprisingly, the campaign gained global notoriety and ushered in an era where displaying your pants became a fashion must.

‘Show You’re Jockey” is about to become another classic in the mold of Jockey’s brave, boundary-pushing campaigns throughout the last century.  Using both men and women having playful fun – dropping their outerwear or showing just their waistband – we are communicating a personality for the brand that is positive, upbeat and pure Jockey.  It will unite millions of Jockey fans across the globe, from London to Bangkok, with the simple message that they’re all proud to show they’re Jockey.

‘Show You’re Jockey’ is about being confident and comfortable with yourself and the brand you wear reflects that – not only is your underwear Jockey, so are you!

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