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No Panty Line Promise®, Skimmies and More Products of Show You're Jockey® Campaign

No Panty Line Promise®, Skimmies and More Products of Show You're Jockey® Campaign

You want to flaunt your undies when you're wearing Jockey.  It was fun attending the media launch of Show You're Jockey campaign at the Society Lounge Makati seeing all the new colors and varieties of the brand we have loved all these years. Jockey invented the first ever men's Y-Front briefs, recognized all over the world also for being the first to use a branded waistband on its products. It's the class for its quality and durability that men I've known take pride in flaunting their Jockeys. I was surprised to have seen new products for the ladies like their "No Panty Line Promise" women's underwear.

While looking at the boxer shorts and the panties, I remembered how friends a month ago in El Nido Palawan talked about the panty line that gets men looking and how awkward it was for women to check what gets the attention. The No Panty Line Promise: Next Generation brand of Jockey Philippines is based on research and extensive fit trials. It's the soft silicone ribbons painted on laser-cut openings that ensures the smoothest and most invisible fit. This is perfect not only for celebrities wearing skimpy shorts and flowing gowns on stage to avoid distraction but all women who plan on wearing smooth flowing cotton gowns in fashion today. It can also avoid you from the shame if the wind blows and you're wearing a thin cotton dress in parties.

If that's not enough to boost your confidence, Jockey also launched their Skimmies Slipshorts. Perfect underneath a short dress or any sexy outfit you prefer to wear any type of the day, Skimmies Slipshorts come in varieties. It's not shorts and not a regular panty, it's a perfect undergarment for extra coverage made with silky-smooth fabric that gives you the confidence to glide while the wind blows. I am loving the skin tone color of Skimmies which gives the illusion you're wearing nothing but showing nothing as well because you're perfectly covered. Skimmies would be perfect also for teens wearing uniforms who prefer full coverage. It'll give more girls confidence to face any type of weather at any given day. Jockey also have Women's Shapewear Collection, cost-effective, high-quality Shapewear styles made with a soft, breathable fabric with smooth laser cut edges to help eliminate panty lines to get you in better shape. They have Reversible V-Neck Shaper, High-Waist Brief, High-Waist to Mid-Thigh Slimmer, Slip Shaper and Plunging Moulded Cami to create flawless curves. 

Jockey International Inc., also introduced its latest men's collections, Jockey Sport Microfiber Active and Jockey Sport Microfiber Seam-Free, engineered to have the perfect fit for maximum comfort in white, black, green, steel gray and indigo. The Seam-Free Collection comes in six colors for both briefs and the trunks: green, orange, blue, black, gray and red. I saw some products on sale at Yes, they do have an online store now ready to deliver right at your doorstep. The prices are reasonable with the quality at the top of its class and you can pay via PayPal or your credit cards. Since you've been buying so many undies and undergarments often, why not settle for the brand that speaks of genuine durability. It pays to buy the original. After all, you would want to Show You're Jockey after you got a pair. For more information, visit and like their official Facebook Page at and follow @JockeyPH on Instagram for more promos and updates.

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