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Are You Ready to Show You're Jockey?

Ever noticed guys with low-riding jeans deliberately showing their briefs’ waistband? Not the peeking type? Well, Jockey is. And they’ve turned this into a campaign.

Jockey, inventor of the men’s Y-Front briefs and the first to use a branded waistband, launched their “Show You’re Jockey” campaign last Wednesday, May 15 at the Society Lounge in Makati City.

The worldwide campaign will feature men and women of different nationalities revealing their Jockey underwear. The campaign is a modern interpretation of the 1990s “Let ‘Em Know You’re Jockey” campaign, where celebrities had their pants in their ankles, confidently displaying their Jockeys.

“Show You’re Jockey” ads are posed to come out soon, for sure, as the campaign goes full-scale. There will also be various promos and contests to keep an eye out for.