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Why Should We Wear Cotton Clothes

Why Should We Wear Cotton Clothes

Cotton is a soft and fluffy fiber composed of the hairs surrounding the seeds of cotton plants. It is considered one of the world’s oldest fibers. Cotton is used for many of our necessities specially clothes that we wear such as undergarments, dresses, towels, bathrobes and a lot more.

It is best to wear something made of cotton. It is never overrated. It is something that consumers always look for when buying clothes. The texture of the cotton fabric is smooth and lightweight so that your skin will breathe comfortably. It also has a moisture wicking property that makes clothes much lighter and more comfortable.

Here are more reasons why we should wear cotton clothing:

1. Versatility

Cotton clothing can be used anytime, anywhere. It is used for generations in any type of occasions. It is best to use it during your visit at the park especially on a summer.

2. Prevents Irritation

Due to heat exposure, people develop fungi, especially in hot weather.

Wearing cotton undergarments reduces the chance of itching, infection, and odor. It applies more to women since they can acquire yeast infections.

3. Prevention from allergy

Cotton fibers cause almost no allergic reactions. People who are prone to skin allergies and rashes need not worry because cotton is hypoallergenic.

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