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5 ways to recycle your old underwear

5 ways to recycle your old underwear

Are you looking of some ways for your old cottontails not to toss into textile waste? 

We can always find method on how to be creative in recycling our old undergarments. Whether it has a period of stains or got a hole, it can be formed into something new and useful.  Used and old underwear can still be valuable when we let our imagination set the pace.

Here are some tips that we might consider before throwing it off away from your drawers: 

1. Make rags out of it.

2. Turn them into pet toys.

3. Craft ribbons or different shapes and designs to decorate a scrapbook.

4. Create small pouch or bags.

5. Create a key chain to design your bag.

It will take a long time for Jockey underwear to be recycled because of its durability. At least we can now think of what we are going to do with our underwear in case it becomes worn out. Visit to buy a new pair!


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