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Style guide for wearing your basic shirts

Style guide for wearing your basic shirts

Basic shirts are an essential part of every guy’s wardrobe mainly because they’re so simple to style! You can mix and match your basic shirt to give you an edge or style it simply to give off a subtler look. That’s not all. You can do something with your basic shirts and we’re here to guide you with all the styling tricks you need to wear your shirt perfectly. 

Your shirt’s fit is very important

Before anything else, you need to make sure that your shirt has the right fit. This will make you feel and look good when you wear your basic shirt. Always go for one that accentuates your shoulders and narrows down to the waist. This is the type that is considered to look appealing to others as well. Even though fitted shirts are things that are always considered a great thing, but make sure not to go overboard with the fitting. Your shirt should be fitted, but never too tight around your body!

Keep things subtle

Gone are the days when you had to make a bold statement with large prints on your shirts. Keep things subtle and go for basic shirts that you can pair up with many other things. It’s best to go for colors that work with other items in your closet. The best color themes to go for are white, gray, black, and blue. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with other colors, but basic colored shirts stay with you for a long time. Go ahead and buy yourself a red shirt that you can pair up with your jeans.

Your jeans are your best friends

You can always wear your basic shirts with your jeans. If you own the perfect pair of blue jeans, then there’s no stopping you from wearing all your basic shirts with this. They work together tremendously and will make you look great as well. You’ll never go wrong with this combination as it’s always in style. You can easily add chinos and khakis to the variation as well to change things up a bit. 

Play with different neck styles

Don’t stick to only one form of neck style. Play around with different variations such are crew necks, v necks, and polos to keep things interesting. Jockey has all these different necked shirts that you can find. They’re basic, yet they’re perfect to add to your wardrobe as they offer you the perfect fit, and you can pair them up with a variety of things to enhance your style. 

Styling your basic shirts has never been easier. Keep in mind all of these tips to make sure that you’re able to style your shirt perfectly every single time!


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