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Choosing the right underwear for your body type

Choosing the right underwear for your body type

Do you mindlessly go underwear shopping only to realize later that they don't fit your body that well? This may be the case if you are choosing the wrong underwear according to your body. Yes, that happens.

You need underwear that perfectly fits and supports your body so you can feel comfortable all day. Don’t worry, there is no science to it. You just need to know the basics so you can pick out the right underwear for your body type.

Here are some tips and tricks for both men and women to follow.

Men’s Guide To Choosing The Right Underwear For Body Type

Boxer Briefs/Trunks

Every man has at least one pair of trunks in his wardrobe and that is because they are the most widely popular pair of underwear. However, they are not the ideal choice for everyone as they are better suited to men who have a slightly smaller frame.

This is because the waistband of this underwear is suited for smaller frames and may be uncomfortable for people who have a wide frame. This is why if your frame is small and you want comfort then go for trunks.


If you don't have a small or wide frame and tilt towards an average build then briefs are an ideal choice for you. This is because they are comfortable around the hips and provide the proper coverage. However, they may be too big for men with smaller frames and too small for men with bigger frames.

Boxer Shorts

The most comfortable type and best for men who have a large frame. This is because they have a lot of room and provide maximum comfort. So if your frame is wide and comfort is your priority then go for these.

Women’s Guide To Choosing The Right Underwear For Body Type


This underwear comes in many sizes and so it is perfect for any body type. It is versatile and provides minimum coverage. They are comfortable and durable so you can wear them anywhere and at any time.

Boy-leg Shorts

This is an ideal choice for women who either have a small frame or are plus-sized with more subtle curves. This is because it can prove to be a problem with curvier women.

So, figure out your body type and choose the underwear that will be perfect for you!


This type of underwear is perfect for women who have a more round and toned behind as they provide a lot of comfort. They can also be worn without any issues as they slide perfectly and they cover the entire area with no wedgies!

Final Words

Having the right underwear for your body type is just as important as any other decision you make about your garments. It has the power to affect the level of your comfort while you are out and this is why you should make an informed decision and choose the right one for yourself.

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