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Having an elastic waistband on underwear and choosing to go with one without an elastic waistband can make a huge difference to your underwear experience. So what is the difference between underwear with an elastic waistband compared to one without?

Elastic can help your underwear stay in place and provide a firm fit. It can be much easier to take care of and adjust underwear with an elastic waistband compared to one without whilst you’re wearing it. First, let’s go over the two kinds of elastic waistbands you may commonly see on underwear.

  • The cotton-covered gathered elastic waistband is typically seen in common underwear. Though it’s the most commonly used, it may become uncomfortable as the fabric bunches up around the elastic.
  • The other type of waistband is the one that is exposed, not covered by any fabric on top, and lays flat against the skin. These, if sporting a good-looking elastic waistband, can look much trendier and feel more comfortable around the waist as cloth does not bunch up.

Should you even go for an elastic waistband at all though? Let’s go over the pros and cons.
Underwear without an elastic waistband may eradicate the problem of a band that’s too tight around the waist. For the chunkier humans, sometimes an underwear size is perfect but the waistband becomes too tight, and sizing up or down doesn’t work.
Say goodbye to marks. It can be a horror when you take off your underwear and see marks all over your waist from the elastic digging into your flesh.
Underwear without an elastic waistband can reduce irritation and allow for more breathability as it does not have any thick areas or parts where the fabric may bunch up.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re more comfortable with an elastic waistband or if you’re willing to go for the seamless variety. It really depends on your body type and preference.

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