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It doesn’t matter whether you are folding men’s underwear or women’s underwear. You need to know how to fold to save space. This enhances the organization and helps you make use of limited space.
Here is how you can fold women’s and men’s underwear.
How To Fold Women’s Underwear
These four steps can be utilized to fold any set of women’s underwear:
  • Lay the panties facing upwards
  • Fold the left side towards the middle and then fold the right part over the left
  • Fold the bottom edge of the crotch up to the waistband. Both of these should be aligned
  • The panties are now properly folded and you can store them in your drawer or suitcase
You can apply the same folding technique to other kinds of underwear that you own.
How To Fold Men’s Underwear
These four steps can be utilized to fold any set of men’s underwear:
  • Lay the boxers facing upwards
  • Lift the left leg and fold it towards the center
  • Lift the right leg and make sure it overlaps with the left leg
  • Hold the underwear by the waistband and fold it down to tuck the bottom half inside the waistband
Yes, folding underwear is that easy. All you have to do is follow these four steps to fold any type of underwear you may have. You will be saving space and time no matter where you go with these amazing folding techniques. Try these techniques out now.