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How to find your correct bra size

A bra that doesn’t fit properly can ruin the mood and your day. It can be a hindrance and cause many problems such as skin coming out from the side, bra strap hurting, and digging into your shoulders, and sometimes the band just won't stay in place!

Of course, if you have experienced any of these then that means your bra size is not correct and you need to accurately measure it. Don’t worry, it is not rocket science to measure your size. All you have to do is get the  measuring tape at home and you are all set!

Once you do, your bra will fit perfectly, and here is how.

Measure The Size Of Your Band

Firstly, you need to figure out the band size, and to do this it important you wear a bra that is not padded or the best way to measure it is braless. After that:

  • Get the measuring tape and wrap it around where the band is supposed to be, make sure it fits properly
  • If it is not a whole number then round it to nearest one
  • Once you have a whole number and its an odd number then add 5 to it. However add 4 if its even number. For example, if it is 23 then add 5 which means the band size would be 28 inches

Determine Your Bust

This is extremely important to know the cup size. If you measure this wrong then chances are your cup won't fir you perfectly. Here is how you can determine your bust:

  • Wrap the measuring tape around your bust (where you are extremely full)
  • Make sure it is not too tight as you will need to be comfortable in your bra
  • If it comes to a decimal then round it to whole number

Time To Know Your Cup Size

This needs a little bit of math so read carefully because your cup size is crucial. If this is wrong then your bra will be uncomfortable and maybe too tight or too loose for you.

For this, you need minus the band size from the bust size. Once you do, you can use it to determine your cup size. For example, if the band size is 28 inches and bust size is 24 inches then you minus both and you get 4. Four inches means your cup size is D. Here is a cup size chart to help you determine your cup size:

  • 1 inch is A
  • 2 inches is B
  • 3 inches is C
  • 4 inches is D

And so on. Once you determine this you will have your bra size i.e. band size and your cup size. According to the example above the bra size would be 28D.

Final Words

Who knew measuring your bra size would be so easy? Follow this guide and say goodbye to all those ill-fitting bras and say hello to the perfect bra of your dreams!