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Know your Bra Types

Know your Bra Types

As a woman, you should know the different types of bras. This way you can efficiently make use of them and wear them according to your clothing and body.

You can also invest in jockey women’s bras if you want something that is of high quality.

Types Of Bras

Here are the top 10 types of bras you should know about.

#1. Strapless

This is the perfect bra to provide enough support when you are wearing an off shoulder dress or top and you don’t want your bra straps to ruin the look of your outfit. For such dresses, this bra is a wardrobe essential.

#2. Push-Up

Need a lift and some extra support? This is the perfect choice to give your breasts the lift they need.

#3. Sports

Working out with a normal bra can hurt you especially if you have bigger breasts. This is why a sports bra is an essential if you love working out.

#4. Balconette

If you want your bust to have a more round appearance with a subtle life then this is great choice. You can wear it with a deep neck too without showing too much.

#5. Underwire

These bras provide the highest support. So, if you are on the curvy side then this is the ultimate choice for you.

#6. Seamless

Seams that are visible can ruin the appearance of the bra. If you want your bra to have a smooth appearance then a seamless bra should be your go-to choice.

#7. Padded

If you want a bra that prevents your nipples from showing then a padded bra is ideal. It will cushion your breasts and provide support.

#8. Bralette

These are perfect for both outerwear and innerwear. They are minimal, wire-free and extremely comfortable.

#9. Stick-On

If you are wearing a backless outfit then this is an ideal choice. They come with an adhesive that ensures the bra is glued to your curves.

#10. Minimizer

If you don’t want your bust to look too big under a fitted dress or shirt then this is the perfect bra. It provides support and helps reduce the appearance of the bust.

Final Words

Choose the one you are looking for and purchase it from jockey women’s bras. You will not be disappointed and get value for money. Shop now.  


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