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How much underwear should you have in your drawer

How much underwear should you have in your drawer

If you’re reading this, then your subconscious knows that your underwear drawer needs an update. Many times, you forget that you also need to ensure that you are regularly changing your underwear and keeping them clean. But, if you own only 2 pairs of underwear, things can get a little difficult for you.

What’s The Right Amount Of Underwear You Should Own?

You need to ensure that you have at least 14 pairs of underwear on hand so that you can go about your weeks without worrying about getting the laundry done.

Yes, you read that right. Does this number seem too much for you? Well, guess what? This is the adequate amount that you should have in your drawers!

How Do You Fit All Of Your Underwear In Your Drawer?

The best thing to do is fold them neatly into your drawer rather than just stuffing them in. This will give you enough room to add all of your underwear. If you leave things messy, then you will have less space for your underwear. So clear out your underwear drawer and keep them all folded!

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