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3 Tips To Get Rid Of Common Clothing Stains

3 Tips To Get Rid Of Common Clothing Stains

If you find yourself in a situation where you have dropped something on your clothes, then we have compiled the three most-effective stain removal tips for you! This works on every piece of clothing you have, even your underwear. So, don’t be afraid the next you drop something on your clothes as you will be equipped with the right steps to get them clean. 

Make Sure To Act Fast

First thing’s first, don’t let your stain settle in. You need to act fast and ensure that your clothing is free from the stain as soon as possible. 

  • Take your Jockey products and soak it in water as soon as possible
  • Leave it soaked with detergent for the best results
  • Remove from water and rub to check whether the stain removes

This is perfect for common stains such as coffee, tea, and more.  

Vinegar Or Lemon Juice 

If you have a smaller stain and it doesn’t require you to soak the entire piece of clothing in water, then here’s what you can do. 

  • Mix equal amounts of vinegar in water
  • Apply the mixture onto the stain
  • Leave it on for a few minutes
  • Wash off the mixture with water

You can also follow the same steps with lemon juice. 

Apply Salt To The Stain 

Salt is the best alternative to clean your stains from your underwear. It is natural and easily available in everyone’s home. 

  • Wet the stain with water
  • Apply salt on top of the wet area
  • Let the clothing rest for a while
  • Wash off with water

Follow these three tips to remove stains from your clothing items as soon as possible! You will surely be able to get your Jockey products free of stains in no time. 


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