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3 Reasons why your Tshirt Shrink

3 Reasons why your Tshirt Shrink

It doesn’t matter if a t-shirt is a men’s t-shirt or a women’s t-shirt. Both of them can shrink over time. This happens because of many reasons and this is why you can take precautionary measures to stop your shirts from shrinking.

Here are a few reasons why your t-shirts may be shrinking over time and what you can do about it.

Reasons T-Shirts Shrink

There are a few reasons your t-shirt may be shrinking. This includes:

  • You are washing them in hot water
  • Your clothes are exposed to excess moisture
  • The mechanical action of the washing machine plus the heat are shrinking your shirts

These are the top three reasons why shrinkage occurs in t-shirts. The type of shrinkage that may happen to your clothes depends on the type of fabric they are made of.

How To Prevent Your T-Shirts From Shrinking

Always follow the instructions on the care label of the shirt. This way shrinkage will not occur while you are doing your laundry. Apart from that, use proper techniques to get the most out of your laundry and to prevent your shirts from shrinking.

However, if you want to completely get rid of the problem then switch to shrink-resistant Jockey men’s t-shirt and women’s t-shirt. They will not shrink at all no matter how much you wash them. This means that one shirt will last you for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for then? Shop now and say goodbye to shrinking shirts forever.


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