Wear Your Best Underwear on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Some of us may not feel excited as we are still facing the threats of the pandemic. Still, there are lots of reasons to celebrate. We may be experiencing more challenges but don’t let it compromise how we feel about ourselves. This coming February 14 is indeed the best time to dress up, impress your partner and wear your best underwear! It is also the best time surprise your loved ones with a good pair of undies.

Underwears are not just briefs and panties. T-shirts, boxer shorts, nighties, are undergarments too. We usually neglect the fact that undies are important. It is in direct contact with our skin but we always buy the cheap ones. Some of us only got few pairs. Moreover, they lessen the friction of our clothes against our skin leaving us feeling perfectly pleasant. Having the best underwear on special occasions might not be an outrageous thing to think about but a change in how we perceive it. Here are some tips on how to wear the best underwear this coming hearts day!

1. Wear chic yet comfy underwear. Finding sophisticated-looking undergarments is not a hard thing to do. But always remember comfort is our number 1 priority.

2. Invest in what you buy. Not all underwears are on the same level. Premium wear made from high-quality fabric is a sure thing. It is best if made from cotton, silk, and nylon, among others. You might want to try this Jockey Comfies Hipster (3-Pack). It is 100% combed cotton and hypoallergenic latex-free. This item is perfect for a worry-free and comfy date with your partner.

3. Wear the right underwear depending on your activity that day with your partner. Everyday underwear would not fit in sports like running or playing basketball. It's time for us to check the specifics so that we can perform our best. You might want to try the Jockey® Sport Microfiber Active Brief and Jockey® Women's High Impact Sports Bra that will keep you both fresh and dry!

4. Choose vibrant colors, or even unique underwear styles. Nowadays, there are a lot of designs and cuts in the market. Try the Jockey® Stretch Ergo Boxer Brief. It is fun to wear and it can help bring the right vibe.

5. Sometimes simpler is better.  You can match your outer clothing with your underwear. It is a fun thing to do. Match your white top with this Jockey Classic Y-Front Brief.  It will give your thighs more room to keep your activities going all day with your date.

Now, are you feeling more excited on Valentine's day? Wearing stylish and comfy undies will make you feel at ease. So what are you waiting for? Order online and click the button. Let Jockey make you feel loved this Valentine's Day!