Jockey Must-Haves Wherever you go!

Fans or not, we all know that Jockey is a need when it comes to having quality shirts and underwear. We believe that there's more in our list that should be part of everybody's essentials.


For women, try out the Jockey Comfies Boyleg. Enjoy the comfort of wearing briefs that are made for women. It has this modern low rise style with hypoallergenic latex-free elastic that prevents irritation and discomfort. It's durable and heat resistant so expect a fresh feel throughout the day.  It's on sale at for only P337.00 (3- pack).

For men, we have the Jockey Sport Microfiber Active. Stay sporty and do rigid training while wearing underwear that fits your needs. It has cooling mesh, moisture management, and odor control features that keep you fresh all day. It is ideally built for the active man on-the-go.

Who says Jockey is just for adults? Jockey has a wide array of products for kids! Let them know how to choose the perfect underwear as early as now by introducing them to the Jockey hipster brief for kids. It is made from soft cotton, stretchable, and label-free for superior comfort and non-itch.

Lastly, get your customized Jockey shirts. It will be a fun experience to play with text, colors, and images. Give yourself or even your family, friends, workmates, and partners your own designed tees to make it more personal and worth-remembering.


There are a lot more products to look forward to with Jockey! Jockey doesn't stop producing more variants and collections to keep the customers thrilled. Visit to check other Jockey must-haves.