How to Recreate a Bra Into a Facemask

It is a timely season to use our creativity for the adversities that we are currently encountering. Pandemic has economically affected our everyday living, expenses, and most especially our health.

Some stores selling masks are becoming exorbitant. At times, we have to be resourceful and find ways on how to make an alternative face mask to save money and even time.

Here are some ways on how to create a mask out of your brassiere:

Things needed:

  • A cotton bra
  • Thread & needle or super strong glue

Step 1: Find an old cotton padded bra preferably medium or large cup.

Step 2: Cut the bra in the middle as only one cup is needed.

Step 3: Cut the sideband of the bra.

Step 4: Cut the strap. You may use the existing bra strap or use a different string, ribbon, or garter.

Step 5: Create a total of 4 small holes. Make 2 holes in the left and another 2 holes in the right.

Step 6: Insert the garter or string on both ends. You can put glue or sew the end of the string into the hole where the side of the bra is located.


You can now use your DIY bra facemask! You may want to put a design by sewing some patches on it. What's good about it is that it's washable and unique. Make your own mask by finding that old Jockey bra in your closet! You may also try our Jockey Layer Essential Face Mask for only P75. It can be worn and washed over and over again. Visit to order!