3 Jockey Products to achieve a smart and comfortable look

Take off your blazer, take off your shoes, take off the uncomfortable polo that you wear in the office to look more professional because for now, you have to stay at home because of the pandemic.

But because of the coronavirus, most of us already transitioned to the work from home environment which is somehow a good thing because we don’t have to dress up for work, however, during catch-up meetings, we have no choice but to wear something smart casual to look presentable in front of our boss because who wants to look like they've just gotten out of bed, right?

Here are some common factors that most of us are looking for in clothes that we can use at home and in the office:

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Not-so-casual looking
  • Breathable

On top of our recommendation list for the apparel that will give you a smart and comfortable look is the

Classic Fit Polo Shirt. This definitely gives you a smart attire.

This is made from soft and light cotton-made for fresh and comfortable wear that can make you move freely. 

 Zone V-Neck Shirt won’t go out of style, this shirt can go with any outfit. 

This look will extenuate your masculine looks with its sag-free high v-neck collar with soft breathable cotton fabric; this will definitely give you a trendy look while also a warm feeling-perfect for an everyday piece in your home office.

Best layer with your favorite blazer or cardigan.

 USA Originals Henley Shirt is your go-to basic tee that can absolutely complement your body shape.

Although it is a basic shirt, it is suitable for all season, with its classy black and white color options- you won’t go out of trend. It also made from cotton fabric for maximum absorbency that will fit well with most body shapes and give you a more classic feel and look. 

Best layer with your favorite jacket and you're ready to go do your meetings.