Mix and Match Outfit Ideas for Women

Mix and Match Outfit Ideas for Women

Mix and Match Outfit Ideas for Women

Jockey is initially known for providing men with quality underwear and undergarments. The demand for the brand made them produce more products and hence Jockey for Women was born.  Jockey offers a collection of quality tops from v-neck shirts, round neck shirts, camisoles, crop tops, and different kinds of sports bras. These tops serve as a necessity and fashion statement for women.

There are various items you can find for women on Jockey PH’s website. Women nowadays have been more experimental when it comes to clothing. We now give you our list of mix and match outfit ideas that you might want to try on your next adventure.

Put on a checkered blazer together with your Jockey Skimmies and bra. Feel the cottony and soft fabric while lounging on the sofa binging on Netflix.

Match your Jockey Sports bra with beach shorts. Walk casually at the beach and feel the sun comfortably with this pair.

Get your favorite white Jockey shirt in your closet. Tie it up to form a crop top and match it with a floral skirt.  Put on a denim blazer to make it more stylish.

Wear your matching crop top and Jockey Skimmies with a printed cover-up.

Wear your white Jockey Camisole with your favorite black underwear. Imagine being stuck at home during a rainy day. 

These mix and match outfit ideas will give you a fresh start! Go ahead and try these Jockey essentials now! Visit www.jockey.com.ph